What Is The Difference Between Agile and DevOps?

January 31st, 2020 | Agile Testing, DevOps

Before starting with the difference between the two, Agile and DevOps, let’s first know about DevOps and Agile as below:

About DevOps

A software development method, DevOps targets integration, communication, and collaboration amongst IT professionals to allow quick deployment of the products.

DevOps is agreed to be a culture that upgrades collaboration among the teams of development and operations. This enables deployment of the code for faster production, moreover automatically. It assists in enhancing the speed to deliver services and applications. It can also be defined as an arrangement of IT operation and development. 

About Agile

Agile methodology embraces a continuous iteration of testing and development in the SDLC process. This software development method stresses on incremental, iterative, and evolutionary development. 

The process of Agile development divides the product into smaller pieces and joins them for the final testing. It holds the caliber to be implemented in various ways, embracing kanban, scrum, XP, and more. 

Difference Between Agile and DevOps

  • About

Agile is an iterative strategy that targets customer feedback, collaboration, and small, quick releases. 

Whereas, DevOps is acknowledged as a practice of attracting development and the operations teams unitedly. 

  • Goal

Agile assists to handle complex projects.

On the contrary, DevOps’ prime concept is to handle the end-to-end engineering process.  

  • Implementation

The Agile method holds the caliber to be implemented within the scope of planned frameworks such as safe, sprint, and scrum. 

On the other edge, the main target of DevOps is to be attentive towards collaboration, so it doesn’t hold any usually accepted framework. 

  • Task

The target of the Agile process is on the continuous changes.

When we talk about DevOps, it’s main focus is on continuous testing along with delivery.

  • Team Skillset

When we come to the expertise of the team, the Agile development highlights the training of all the team members so that they may grab a wide variety of equal and similar skills. 

However, DevOps separates and spreads the skill set amongst the teams of development and operation. 

  • Duration

Agile development is handled in units of “sprints”. This period is much less than a month for every sprint.

While DevOps attempt for benchmarks and deadlines with the major releases. The main objective is to deliver the code to the production routinely or every few hours. 

  • Team Size

The basic of Agile is the small team. The smaller the team, the fewer people will perform, the faster would be their moves. 

Comparatively, DevOps’ core is a larger team size as it includes all the stack holders. 

  • Feedback

When we talk about feedback in Agile, it’s given by the customer.

Relatively, in DevOps feedback arrives from the internal team only. 

  • Shift-Left Principles

In Agile, leverage shift the left.

Whereas, in DevOps, the leverage shifts both left as well as right.

  • Target Areas

In the former, the target areas are software development.

In DevOps, it’s the fast delivery and end-to-end business solution.

  • Emphasis

Agile stresses on software development methodology for the development of software. Post the software development and its release, the Agile team doesn’t care about anything happens later. 

In DevOps, the matter sticks to picking software that’s all set to release and then deploy it in a secure and reliable way. 

  • Communication

The most common method for implementing Agile software development is Scrum. In the Agile, routine Scrum is carried.

On the contrary, DevOps communication embraces design and specs documents. The operational team needs to understand fully the software release and also its network/hardware implications for running the process of development well. 

  • Cross-functional

In Agile, any team member should hold the caliber to perform what’s needed for the project’s progress. Moreover, when every team members become able to perform all the jobs, it enhances the bond and knowledge between them. 

However, in DevOps, the teams of development and operations are separate. So, communication seems to be quite complex among them. 

  • Documentation

Over the complete document, the Agile method is responsible to give the preference to the working system before completing the documentation. It would be perfect when we are responsive and flexible. Though, it can bother when we are attempting hard to convert the things over to another team for the deployment. 

In the DevOps, the process of documentation is prime, as it will deliver the software for the deployment to the operational team. Automation lowers down the influence of insufficient documentation. Although, in complex software development, it’s hard to pass-on the entire knowledge needed. 

  • Goal

Agile locates the gap between the customer requirement and development and the testing teams. 

Whereas, DevOps locates the gap between development and testing and Ops. 

  • Automation

Though Agile helps automation but doesn’t lay stress on it.  

On the contrary, DevOps’ main target is automation. It performs following the principle to enhance efficiency when deploying software. 

  • Target

Agile targets on functional and non-function readiness.

When we talk about DevOps, it targets extensively on business and operational readiness. 

  • Speed vs. Risk

Using Agile, the teams back the rapid change, also a strong application structure. 

On the contrary, in the DevOps method, the teams should be sure that the alterations that are crafted to the architecture never give rise to any risk to the full project. 

  • Importance

Software development is inherent to Agile.

And, for DevOps, development, testing, and implementation, all are equally imperative. 


Agile gives birth to better apps that suit the anticipated needs. It holds the caliber to adapt easily as per the changes that are made on it, while the project is live. 

In the case of DevOps, it contributes to the creation of better quality along with the early bug fixing and automation. Developers require to follow Architectural and Coding best practices to sustain quality standards. 

  • Challenges

The Agile method requires the teams for enhanced production that is hard to match every time. 

While DevOps process requires development, production, and testing environments to smoothen the work. 

  • Tools Used

Agile uses tools such as Kanboard, Bugzilla, JIRA, and more.

When we talk about DevOps, it employs tools like AWS, TeamCity OpenStack, Chef, Puppet and more popular ones. 

  • Advantage

Agile provides a shorter development cycle and enhanced defect detection. 

Whereas, DevOps backs release cycle of Agile. 

Well, these were the chief differences between Agile and DevOps. If you come up with more, do comment below, it will help all.