Training and Workshop

Q-Agile has designed the training services as a resource, keeping the trainees and you in mind. Irrespective of kind or level of software quality training or software testing training, the trainees are going to find something suiting their relevant needs. For any other related or other assistance you may connect with us, we’ll attempt to serve you the best. 

At Q-Agile, we have various associated training and workshop courses in software testing and quality to aid you in sharpening your skills. We hold a lot of choices from which you can pick the one of your need for the basics, or for deep learning. 

Qagile always available with all types of relevant courses. We also conduct various seminars worldwide, of which you may query. 

We also clutch web-based training that permits you to learn from their desk as per their clock, with more available courses ahead. 

Training and Workshop: The Trainer

There’s a saying, “Anyone can make the simple sound complex, but it takes a master trainer to make the complex simple.” Similarly, our trainers here attempt hard to make you learn, in an easy, and simple way which leave never fading learning behind. 

While attending training and workshops, your trainer will be there in all needs with his/her tag as, a software testing practitioner. The trainer here are highly proficient and have several years of experience in the IT field and QA & test. 

The trainers consistently get appreciating reviews from their workshop attendees. The main reason behind their success is that they employ easy to learn instances and real-world practices to augment the taught concepts in the workshops. 

The adept trainers at Q-Agile have trained numerous testers worldwide. Their public has been involved in IT professionals from all over the world from various types of companies.

We hold better software test certifications, like Selenium testing, Cucumber (Behaviour driven development), JMeter, CTAL, CSQA, ISTQB’s, and more. Our trainers are authorized training providers. To know more about any support, just talk to us. 

Customized Workshops

Because of the modular design of our courseware, we are here to customize your course according to your requirements. 

Teaching Techniques

Undoubtedly, we have different ways of learning, it’s quite understood. That’s why we follow text notes, hands-on exercises, lecture, and video clip to let you know our materials. We actually work a little more hard to make sure that the concept is now clear in your mind. 

We always guide, appreciate, and ease the learning to make the task of training and workshop easier for you. 

Basis of Materials

For the foundation of materials, Q-Agile employs proven industry-specific practices. We also teach with innovative ways and assures that the techniques and processes we teach are effectively proven in the actual IT projects.