Test Automation Services

The first thought that might be striking your mind is, what’s the need for test automation for your business? Well, we are all set with an answer. 

Test automation is an outstanding way to assure that the new product versions follow the functionality or doesn’t hold any bug. 

While comparing with manual testing, QA automation provides various benefits that allow to reduce the costs, optimize the workflow of development, reduce time to market radically, and improve the quality of end product dramatically. 

Q-Agile, a Leading Test Automation Company

Being a top automation testing company, we understand the requirement for comprehensive automation testing services, rather than implementing automation from a standard opinion. Our expertise-driven framework and experience for automation testing services, permit the clients to pick open source tools, which consecutively keeps the costs down and permits for creating scripts for mobile and web apps. As one of the prominent automation companies, it’s our objective to assure overall congruence and high Return On Investment with all the platforms that the clients expect for their business. 

To assure accuracy and to focus on the product development region, also to assure the cut in the entire cost of testing, automation testing services are a strategic move, during significantly raising software quality. 

Tools for Test Automation Services

Now, let’s check out the tools that are used for automation testing services:

  • Selenium is a flexible and powerful tool that allows the client to carry functional tests on their web applications. 
  • One of the widely-known and employed domain-specific scripting language, cucumber is used in Behavior Driven Development.
  • A framework based on WinForms, Win32, Silverlight, WPF, SWT (Java) platforms is White that is for automating-rich client-based apps. 
  • A software loading platform, Docker offers virtualization from the OS level. 
  • An open-source library, BDD is for writing tests with better quality automated acceptance. 

Success Rules in Test automation

The script maintenance in test automation may become a load if the clients don’t devote his attention to principles and patterns of code design. 

  • Independent Tests

Test automation should be executed independently, regardless of any other to run consistently. 

  • Script Reusability

The need of script maintenance lowers down by reusing automated test scripts. It enables the caliber to alter the tests in one place only.

  • Use DSL

Domain-Specific Language, for better collaboration, enables readable automated tests. 

Why Choose Us 

Now, after reciting the entire story about test automation, we advise you to opt for the best test automation company, that are we, Q-Agile because of the following reasons:

  • We are a team of skilful QA experts.
  • Our adept testers have several years of experience in the relevant field, have accomplished various QA test automation projects and hold tech knowledge. 
  • We stay on the top constantly among the latest development in the relevant field to assure the clients that they get the greatest and latest automation testing. 
  • We also assure the broader test coverage, better visibility of results, and improved robustness.