Selenium Testing Consultancy

Test Automation Center of Excellence of Q-Agile handles Selenium as a preferable tool for automating testing of website application, carrying regression automation and building and managing automated test suites.

Q-Agile has funded a considerable amount of resources to create a custom test automation framework employing cross-platform application testing for mobile applications and the web. Q-Agile implements customized solutions to function with many lifecycle tools to assure seamless integration using Selenium WebDriver as the engine.

A huge team of expert Selenium test automation belonging to Q-Agile contributes regularly towards the growing community of Selenium open-source test automation. We are proven knowledgeable leaders in offering strategic consulting services to our clients in implementing the test automation utilizing Selenium.

To implement Selenium Test Automation for organizations planning, the significant service offerings of Q-agile embrace the following:

  • Return On Investment Analysis & Test Automation Assessment.
  • Framework Customization, Development, Review, Integration, & Analysis.
  • Developement and Maintenance of Automated Test Suite.
  • Automated Selenium Migration Services.

Unified Selenium Test Automation Framework

The unified test automation framework of Q-Agile assists in overcoming the crucial challenges in using Selenium for test automation. The framework offers the caliber to utilize common test scripts for testing native mobile applications and mobile browsers. On multiple platforms, with parallel execution, it also aids in attaining higher regression. Let’s check out the key features of Selenium test automation framework of Q-Agile:

  • With REST-Assured and SoapUI, API testing integration.
  • To allow mobile device testing, permit integration with Appium.
  • Using Protractor supporting HTML 5/AngularJS applications.
  • Using CSS, XPath, advanced object recognition capabilities.
  • With HTML/CSS views, enhanced test reporting.
  • Business-friendly.
  • Page object model for code maintenance and reducing code duplication.
  • Support of various programing language (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C#, Java)
  • Scalability with for parallel execution with built-in comfort using Selenium Grid, SauceLabs, and BrowserStack.
  • To common platforms immediately available integrations.
  • X-Browser all set for cross-browser testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Safari with low-script maintenance.
  • Integrations are available immediately to common platforms.
  • Continuous Integration – Bamboo, Jenkins, TFS, etc.
  • Test Lifecycle Management – qTest, TFS, TestLink, JIRA, TeamCity, etc.
  • Version Control – Bitbucket, GitHub, SubVersion.

The test automation center of excellence of Q-Agile supports the clients to jumpstart their automation endeavors and apply a proven platform to enhance longevity and lower down the maintenance. The IP driven tools and services of test automation offered by Q-Agile enhance the benefits of using Selenium WebDriver.

The key differentiators that make Q-Agile distinctive are:

  • Various experts having several years of experience in the implementation of test automation employing Selenium.
  • The proven and mature framework of test automation has improved over the years with increased successful engagements.
  • With the industry standard components and the basic experience, framework of enterprise quality develops.
  • For the common functions of automation, there lie various pre-built libraries and functions.
  • With the pre-built integrations of platforms, implementation cost goes down.
  • For supporting platforms like ExtJS, Flex, etc. enhanced WebDriver is always there.
  • Intuitive reporting for making test reporting easy.