SDET Resourcing and Consulting

Today, a fact that is called by the industry is, testing weighs more than programming. Undoubtedly, for resources and tools, a bigger budget is needed in the realm of testing than programming. Today, every organization just sit cautiously, to grab the sudden appearing possible talent. When talking about a few years before, the software developers used to script the code whereas the testers used to check it for the quality. This won’t serve today.

As per today’s scenario, a new team member has joined us which is known to be Software Development Engineer in Test (SDETs), who is a skilled professional and adept in the world of both the software development and QA engineering. 

Nevertheless, it’s good to have in our team someone with expertise and skills that are much in demand, it also gives birth to a little confusion about the responsibilities and duties that fall with the SDET role. 

About SDET Resourcing

Today, most of the apps and product need end-to-end test automation, specifically in the fields of Performance, Functional, and Security Testing. With the dual strengths in the code development and test performing areas, SDETs fit the best in today’s digital era. They assist in improving the Code Quality by implementing detailed and strict reviews of the source code along with monitoring the code’s Testability. 

Well-versed with the specialized knowledge of testing of various techniques, tools, processes, and best practices, today SDETs are accepted as an essential part of development ecosystems. Depending upon their technical architecture skills, development experience, and design and their programming talent SDETs are needed to write the code to test developer’s written code. Additionally, they are also demanded to write unit tests and carry white box testing. 

Q-Agile offers services for SDET and team building. You can sit back and relax about the same as the resources that come from our side are just gold. You may even confirm from our past clients. 

Task followed by SDETs

  • Developing scalable, robust, and high-class test automation solutions for regression, functional, and performance testing. 
  • Building code for quality automation and assuring inclusive unit test coverage of the code. 
  • Developing, deploying, customizing, and managing the test automation frameworks/environment. 
  • Monitoring product reliability, scalability, performance, and consistency.
  • Participating in architectural and design discussions.
  • Preparing Test Reports.
  • Carrying high-class debugging. 

Why Choose Us

In reality, SDET’s are customer advocates who impact the product design by understanding expectations of end-user. While automation and functional testers will be needed as always, SDETs would prove to be an all-rounder that most brands are looking for. 

Q-Agile have years of experience as a confident testing services provider. So, any requirements relevant to SDET and team building, just get connected.