Selenium vs TestCafe (a Comparison) – Which is Better?

October 9th, 2019 | Selenium, Test Automation, Testcafe

While looking constantly for deserving automation tools, we got messed around Selenium a little bit and created some scripts to assist in accomplishing some stuff more rapidly. Later, an idea popped up in our minds, according to which before giving much of our time to any specific tool, we should look around for something that can be better. We came across TestCafe and as we were already filled with its good reports so, thought of giving it a try.

Selenium and TestCafe – a Comparison (Who is the winner?)

Most of us might be new to both these tools, so let’s just compare these two and draw a better one. So, let’s start. 

1. Appearance

The first imperative thing that needs to be given a priority is colors. Well, the looks are enough good to soothe our eyes. It’s selenium or webDriver? 

Well, One thing that takes us one step towards TestCafe is its way of offering the details about the on-going task, about its run through a status bar down at the bottom. 

This just offers just a glimpse into the system’s mind and makes the debugging easier. TestCafe offers a good debug result for failed tests in the console. 

So, this point makes TestCafe a winner. 

2. Installation Setup

Moving onto the next, what about the setup? We noticed the difficulties in initiating. 

For TestCafe, it took 30 seconds and it was attained. Our first test was on its run about 15 minutes later. 

When we came to Selenium, it was also not that bad either, but we were required to install webDriver for some of the browsers and also preferred some of the Selenium packages into Python. Since we were carrying the things through Python for our test, the Selenium section was quite easy. But, on the contrary, there was still some extra complexity with getting the webDriver to go well for all the browsers. Moreover, setting up the initial test was also a little more complicated. Altogether, probably it took about one hour to get our first test running with webDriver or Selenium. 

This time too, TestCafe was the winner. 

3. Cross Browser

The entire objective of this is to be able to check the thing easily all across distinct browsers right? So, how easy is that to meet? Using both the tools, firstly, we made the test run in Chrome, as it’s the browser that’s used by the people normally. In Chrome, once we lead to make our test working, we tried running in distinct browsers. In both cases, the test didn’t go well with any other browsers. It took us a while to beet the issues using the Selenium test. 

However, with TestCafe, the working of the test failed on other browsers. As far as we figured out, it depends on JavaScript errors relevant to employing polymer components on our login page. TestCafe has a choice to accomplish the test. We doubt that we are performing something a little low in the loading time of our polymer web components. 

In TestCafe, there seems to be fixed that will let us perform around this, but at last, we failed to get TestCafe to perform on our app with distinct browsers other than Chrome. We poked at it for about one to two hours, and we have come up with surety that there exists a solution. But, at this time, we haven’t been able to test in the different browsers. 

This time, Selenium has taken the crown. 

4. Waits

Much like replacing your driver’s license, the most irritating part while employing Selenium is dealing with the waiting issue. The deal is to be sure that what we want should be there without delay even for every few seconds. We probably give more time in attempting to figure out the waits a little more as compared to anything else. 

With TestCafe, we achieved this. They hold certain waits growing into the async calls, and it performed out of the box. This is really a chief reason we got the caliber to get the first test performing so quickly. We didn’t have to worry about the waits. 

This time, TestCafe stole the opportunity to win the field. 

5. Language

Selenium is backed by various languages. For us, it means we could use python and experience that joy that we get by coding in python. It also states that one can write his tests in the same jargon as his favorite language or app, that’s the python, obviously. 

TestCafe employs JavaScript. Regularly, we don’t like writing the code in JavaScript. Probably, mostly as we haven’t done it at that level and don’t understand it fully how things work. Plus, it doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility and power on holding the capability to catch your app in some of the interesting ways. 

On this edge, Selenium is the champion. 

6. Maturity

For a long time, Selenium and WebDriver have been all around. They are growing old now and might need to earn more strength. However, TestCafe is like running in the youth stage, seems to be fresh and ready to beat this world. Full of optimism, it’s appealing to employ and hold all the power of youthful optimism. 

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With maturity and age, the experience enters and webDriver already has it in packs. TestCafe has experienced WebDriver issues and with the zeal of a new age, it has decided to sort them out of the box. This is nice, but when you are running with problems, it becomes a little hard to find the answers. Unfortunately, the well-designed code and documentation still can’t expect every problem you will run into open and having a large community all around a tool helps figure the things out. 

This time also, Selenium has won the race. 

Wrapping Lines

TestCafe just left us impressed with it and we really wished to witness its victory, but, unluckily, if we can’t figure out the cross-browser issues we are having, we won’t be able to. Maybe those are some odd issues we have in our app and for a few this won’t be an issue. We think that if you don’t notice any bizarre issues that we are noticing on non-Chrome browsers, then the overall conquerer would be TestCafe. 

For now, Selenium is the winner according to us or it can be TestCafe if it performs on cross-browser on your app.