Certified JavaScript SDET

Duration – 4 Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – 3 Hours Each Day Time : 9 AM to 12 PM

Dates : 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th September

Contact : inf0@qagile.co.uk  Call : +44 7799663003


What you’ll learn?

Automation testing using JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Selenium, NodeJS, Chai, Mocha, Jenkins, Reporting, Cloud and More·

  • This is a complete course that will teach you from the basics to building advanced frameworks
  • Continuous Integration & Reporting via Jenkins
  • You are taught good programming concepts such as abstraction, don’t repeat yourself and Page Object Modelling

Automation Testing with JavaScript

  1. WebdriveIo
  2. CucumberJs
  3. Mocha and Chai
  4. SuperTest (API Testing)


  1. Jenkins Job setup
  2. Selenoid Setup with Docker Running Tests in Cloud (Saucelabs)

  Introduction and Setup

  1. Introduction to NodeJS and JavaScript Testing world
  2. Testing Landscape using Javascript
  3. Setting up Environment
  4. Setting up node project
  5. Setting up WebdriverIO
  6. Setting up Visual Studio Code
    1. Prettier and Babel Setup
  7. Selenium Standalone Setup

Working with locators

  1. CSS Selector
  2. XPath

Creating the First Test

  1. Creating the first test using Mocha
  2. Adding Assertions
  3. Enhancing the Test
  4. Creating executable Scripts

Webdriver API usage

  1. Launch the Chrome Driver
  2. Pausing the Test
  3. Assertions
    1. Assert Elements
    2. Assert URL
  4. Explicit vs Implicit Waits
  5. Get Element Text
  6. Get Element Attributes
  7. Get Element Value
  8. Taking Screenshots
  9. Browser Actions: Working with Inputs
    1. Clicks and Double click
    2. Checkbox and Radio button

Practically Building End to End Scenarios

  1. Login and Logout
  2. Registration Form
  3. Search and Filters


  1. Introduction to Reporting
  2. Allure and Dot reporting
  3. Adding Screenshot and Videos to reports

Automation Framework Basics

  1. Config based framework change
  2. Abstraction and Page Objects
  3. Working with Objects
  4. Test Data management
  5. Good practices of writing effective tests


Cloud Testing with Saucelabs

API Testing with Super Test

  1. GET, POST, Update and Delete
  2. Authentication

Private  Selenium Cloud using Selenoid

  1. What is Selenoid
  2. Running with Docker
  3. Setting up Selenoid
  4. Using Selenoid in Tests
  5. VNC and Videos

Jenkins and CI Integration

  1. What is CI/CD
  2. Jenkins and Other tools
  3. Setting up Jenkins build

Practical Exam and Certification